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Glass Cane Pull  
Glass Cane Pull

An Intermediate Level Kilnforming Class

The process is as follows and is illustrated in the figure to the left. A pre-heated Pattern Bar is picked up with a punty of clear glass and placed in a Glory Hole Kiln.  It is further heated until it becomes very soft, then removed.  While one person holds the rod with the pattern bar attached, another pulls and twists the bar to make a cane of a desired size and shape.  This custom cane glass can be used to make a one-of-a-kind art piece in a "Lino Tagliapietra" style, used in jewelry or incorporated into a larger piece of glass art. 

Pattern Bars can be make in your own studio and brought to class (call for specifications), you can make them in the Pattern Bars workshop, or you can purchase some pre-made Pattern Bars from C3.  

Class Requirements:  May require first taking Glass Pattern Bar class if you do not have the means to create your pattern bar prior to the class. 

Duration:  Approximately 4 hours. 

Class Size:  Maximum 5 students. 

Price: $85 Instruction Fee plus $10 Materials and Equipment Fee




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